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Second half year celebrations in Moscow

One of the best times to start a tour to Moscow is during the autumn season. The second half of the year begins to pick up as people return from the country and prepare themselves for work and their children for school. During the last few weeks of August the city is filled with posters advertising schools and all the shopping centers are full with parents shopping for their children's school products.

During September the theatres begin to reopen, plays and operas are on show around this time. The cold and crisp weather during autumn is perfect for activities such as mushroom gathering and hiking amongst the luscious nature around the city. The most sought after mushrooms are white and brown mushrooms, orange-cap bolens, chanterelles and oyster mushrooms. The best time to go mushroom hunting is in the early morning. A few other popular activities to do during autumn are horse riding that takes place at the Hippodrome and boat trips on the Mosckva River.

In Moscow Autumn begins with September during which the academic New Year begins. The first day of the school year, new comers often bring flowers to signify this day. This is closely followed by city day during which celebrations are scattered all across the city for the initial founding of Moscow in 1147. The city day is also tied in celebration with the anniversary of the Beslan massacre that took place in 2004. 

October soon flows with the talents of Russia and the punk festival. The talents of Russia are festivals with classic music played by musicians' gathered from all over the world. The punk festival consists of Russian bands playing in Gorky Park and other venues in the city. Further information is on travel site www.tourtorussia.com.au

Autumn ends with November which celebrates the day of national unity, a holiday which used to be called the Day of the Great October Revolution. Winter approaches with December along with New Years' Eve. Much like in any other countries, for Russia, this is still the major holiday. New Years' Eve involves celebrations with wine, champagne, and presents for all. Recently New Year celebrations have encouraged people to gather in the Red Square to count down the upcoming year or say good bye to the last. New Years follows with the Russian Orthodox Christmas and the ice sculpture festival in Gorky Park in January.

February is the final month in the seasons during which the international festival of the of the Orthodox Church takes place as well as the world renown valentine's day. In Russia there are many events that take place during similar times in deferent states, the trans-Siberian railway allows you to see all of these events.




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